Sandro grew up in the gang-infested neighborhood of the Mid City area of Los Angeles city. At the age of twelve, he witnessed his brother get shot and killed in front of their apartment complex. Trying to get away from the gang violence in L.A., his mother moved them out of the area and into the city of Gardena. At the age of fifteen, he joined one of the most notorious gangs in the area. This destructive path took him down into a life of crime and violence that resulted in getting stabbed, shot twice (once by a sheriff deputy), and numerous arrests and convictions which included being arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit murder. His life was on a path of self-destruction until The Lord intervened in his life. Sandro’s testimony of the power of Jesus Christ to change lives offers hope To countless others who have shared a similar experience of growing up in the ghettos of our inner cities.

In September of 1995 at the age of twenty-one, Sandro had a powerful encounter with the Living God. Someone shared the gospel message of redemption through repentance and the confession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. After giving his life to Jesus Christ, his life was transformed and was delivered from a life of violence and drug addiction. A couple of months after getting saved he married his girlfriend Griselda and from that time on, they have both dedicated their lives to spreading this same message of redemption through Jesus Christ.

Pastor Solorzano’s ministry experience includes leadership of drama and music ministries as well as pioneering work for God from 2003 - 2009. Sandro and his wife Griselda Solorzano assumed the pastorate of The Door Christian Fellowship church in Gardena California from Pastor Bruce and Dale Callahan in July of 2020. Their number one desire is for you to come into a relationship with Jesus Christ and experience the power of His love, His Grace, and His destiny for your life.

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